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As Guggenheim Raises Its Ai Valuation, Microsoft Loses Its Last Sell Rating

September 25, 2023
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On Monday, Microsoft Corp received an upgrade from Guggenheim, shedding its only "sell" rating and transitioning to a "neutral" stance. The rationale behind this adjustment is attributed to the favorable impact generated by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

Analyst John DiFucci emphasized the growing significance of the GenAI narrative, indicating that it has evolved beyond mere storytelling. However, there remains uncertainty regarding the extent of monetization and the timeline for its realization. He noted that while there were initial concerns about potential unfavorable dynamics, these have not materialized as expected.

Guggenheim identified challenges associated with Microsoft's Windows product and the evolving landscape of the Azure cloud-computing business as key factors contributing to the stock's previous "sell" rating. This rating had been in place since January.

Despite this adjustment, Microsoft's shares experienced a slight dip of 0.3% on Monday, marking a seventh consecutive session of declines. While the stock has achieved a 32% increase in value this year, with enthusiasm for AI serving as a primary driver of this rally, it recently encountered its most substantial one-week percentage drop since January. In terms of performance relative to the Nasdaq 100 Index, Microsoft has slightly underperformed this year.

Guggenheim's shift away from its bearish outlook aligns with the prevailing positive sentiment surrounding Microsoft. Currently, nearly 90% of analysts tracked by Bloomberg have assigned "buy" ratings to the stock, with the remainder offering equivalent "hold" recommendations. The consensus recommendation for the stock, which represents the ratio of "buy," "hold," and "sell" ratings, stands at 4.74 out of five, ranking as the fourth-highest within the Nasdaq 100 Index.

Furthermore, based on the average analyst price target, Microsoft shares exhibit a potential for a 25% return.

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