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'Blockbuster Movies' Could Be Created By AI In Two Years, Says Marvel Director

April 28, 2023
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This is a very interesting time to be living in. Advances in artificial intelligence have made inroads in nearly every industry. In the past month alone, we saw a dummy advertisement which had no real people in it won the best photography award as well as released a dummy commercial.

The spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be seen all over the place right now, from healthcare to transportation, but it is not all bad.

In fear of being left behind, the film industry has begun implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in the fields of special effects, de-aging actors, and streamlining the pre-production process in order to avoid being left behind. In fact, Interesting Engineering has reported on how, in the latest Indiana Jones film, Harrison Ford, 79, was de-aged to appear as if he were 30-years-old by utilizing new VFX technology and artificial intelligence.

There are some who are saying that we can expect fully AI-generated movies to be available in a couple of years' time, although this is an example of how this new technology could serve to bolster moviegoers' experience at the cinema.

A recent interview with Collider revealed that in the near future, people will be able to curate a film story based on their mood and style with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Russo, the director of many Marvel movies, including Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War, makes this categorically clear in his interview.

"I would love to see my photoreal avatar and Marilyn Monroe's photoreal avatar star in a movie. Hey, you can walk into your house and save the AI for your streaming platform. Russo stated, "I wanted it to be a rom-com because I'd had a rough day, and it renders a very competent story with dialogue that mimics your voice," which is exactly what I wanted.

Suddenly you're the star of 90-minute long rom-com featuring yourself. You can arrange the story to suit you exactly as you want, and that's how it should be."

The problem is that no one is impressed with what he has done

It is absolutely unacceptable for a film to be plagiarized. From the plot to the poster, it is possible for you to be held accountable for copyright infringement laws. The fact is that AI is technically not plagiarism, but it does learn and adapt from the piles of existing data that it is fed with every day, which makes it a valid example of plagiarism.

A presentation on artificial intelligence was given by Paramount Global's technology chief Phil Wiser to the company leaders, which emphasized the risks posed by this technology. According to an interview with the TradeAlgo, he instructed an AI tool, 'DALL-E,' to generate a picture of SpongeBob, an iconic Paramount character, flying a plane, and to generate it accordingly. Optimus Prime, one of the Transformers characters, was shown on the Paramount Studios lot by the machine after he asked it to do so. In both cases, the images were generated in just a few seconds with the help of the AI tool.

A surprised audience watched as Wiser explained to WSJ that the engine has the ability to generate our intellectual property in new and different ways, and that this is in the hands of the public, which does not seem right.

According to recent reports, the Writers Guild of America (WGA), which represents Hollywood's television and film writers, has recently allowed the use of ChatGPT in script-writing in order to provide credit to human writers, with the caveat that they remain anonymous.

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