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Ford Focuses on Electric Vehicles With Management Changes

Ford Motor Co. has announced that Doug Field will be taking on the role of chief advanced product development and technology officer.

September 22, 2022
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Ford Motor Co. has announced that Doug Field will be taking on the role of chief advanced product development and technology officer. The company has also expanded John Lawler's role to include interim management of global supply-chain operations. This comes as the company faces increased costs and parts shortages.

Mr. Field is expected to supervise Ford's $50 billion investment in the electric-vehicles market. As the company's chief advanced technology and embedded systems officer, he is uniquely qualified for the task. With his experience and expertise, Mr. Field will be a key asset in helping Ford succeed in this rapidly growing market.

Mr. Lawler will be responsible for transforming Ford's global supply-chain management until a permanent chief supply-chain officer is found, the company said. This is a major undertaking that is expected to improve the company's efficiency and competitiveness.

This week, the auto maker warned that its third-quarter results would be impacted by around $1 billion in supplier expenses and higher-than-expected inventory levels of vehicles that can't be delivered to dealerships due to parts shortages.

Ford said on Monday that many of the vehicles affected by the parts shortage are trucks and SUVs. The company expects to have between 40,000 and 45,000 vehicles in inventory awaiting parts at the end of the quarter.

Ford has announced that it is aiming to produce two million electric vehicles per year by 2026. The company also plans to strengthen its internal-combustion product line. This move is part of Ford's larger goal to increase its production of environmentally-friendly vehicles.

In addition to other appointments, Ford added four with Silicon Valley credentials: Roz Ho, who was named Ford's chief connected vehicle software officer; Jae Park; Sammy Omari; and Rob Bedichek, to take a major part in the development of the electric-vehicles system.

Ms. Ho and Mr. Park have joined Ford from HP Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google, respectively. Ford has announced that Lisa Drake, the vice president of electric vehicles industrialization, will be the head of manufacturing engineering.

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