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Moderna Puts AI And Quantum Computing To Work On Vaccine mRNA Technology

April 20, 2023
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In a separate announcement, the companies announced Thursday that Moderna and IBM are teaming up to boost mRNA technology, the technology at the heart of their blockbuster Covid vaccine, by using generative artificial intelligence and quantum computing. 

As a partner of IBM, we are excited to have the opportunity to develop novel AI models with the purpose of advancing mRNA science, preparing our organization from quantum computing to quantum computing but also preparing ourselves for these game-changing technologies," said Stephane Bancel, Moderna CEO.

Thursday, Moderna shares dropped slightly, whereas IBM's stock was practically flat, according to data released by IBM.

As part of the agreement, IBM and Moderna will be able to access IBM's quantum computing systems through Moderna's cloud services. As a result of these systems, Dr. Dario Gil, vice president of IBM research, says it may be possible to speed up Moderna's process of discovering and developing new messenger RNA vaccines and therapies. 

It was also announced by IBM that the company will provide experts who will assist Moderna scientists in exploring quantum technologies' potential use, the companies stressed. Quantum computing uses quantum physics to store information, as opposed to traditional computers, which use either zeros or ones to store information. These systems are capable of handling problems that are too complex for the computers of today in an effective way.

In conjunction with the deal, Moderna's researchers will also be able to use IBM's generative AI model, known as MoLFormer, to assist with their research. AI methodology that uses generative algorithms to generate content based on data and the training data of those algorithms about the market can be referred to as generative AI.

Moderna will utilize IBM's model to develop a new class of vaccines and treatments based on the characteristics of potential mRNA medicines.

Moderna is poised for a boom in the coming years as its mRNA vaccine Covid is due to take off following the pandemic. 

With its knowledge of messenger RNA, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company gained a reputation for producing a protein that triggers the immune system to respond against various diseases taking place in the body. 

With the world emerging from the pandemic and demand for blockbuster Covid vaccines and treatments slowing down, Moderna is working to harness that technology to target other diseases at the same time as the global economy recovers from the pandemic. 

Merck is already working with scientists at the company to develop a vaccine to combat the respiratory syncytial virus and a shot that can target different types of cancer if it is combined with the immunotherapy drug Keytruda, which was discovered by Merck. 

Earlier this year, IBM announced a deal with NASA to help build AI engines for climate science based on its AI foundation models and this new agreement comes as IBM ramps up its investment in artificial intelligence through new partnerships. 

In light of the recent boom in artificial intelligence, this effort helps to explain what's driving the recent boom, which was also driven in part by OpenAI's ChatGPT. This AI-powered chatbot was launched recently, which answers questions in clear, concise prose and immediately caused a sensation through its usage. 

In other words, ChatGPT has started a race against artificial intelligence that has raised questions about the true capabilities and risks of this powerful tool.

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