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The Stock Price of Apple Continues to Decline Amid Concerns About the Reported Ban on Government Iphones in China

September 7, 2023
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Apple Inc. finds itself in a precarious situation, with the potential for a further decline in its share value due to mounting concerns surrounding its operations in China.

In a recent development, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese government has imposed a ban on the use of iPhones by government officials for work-related purposes. Subsequently, Bloomberg News has reported that this ban could extend to encompass government-backed entities and state-owned companies. Consequently, Apple's shares (AAPL, -2.62%), which experienced a 3.6% drop during the previous trading session, were seen to decrease by 3.0% in the premarket trading session on Thursday.

The Bloomberg report highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the enforcement of this ban, as different entities may choose to implement it in varying ways. Some may restrict iPhone usage solely within work environments, while others may opt for a comprehensive ban on their use.

As of the time of this report, Apple had not responded to a MarketWatch inquiry regarding the potential for employee bans in China.

The prospect of Chinese authorities taking such action signifies an escalation of tensions between the United States and China, many of which have manifested in the technological arena. For instance, the U.S. has imposed restrictions on the sale of certain artificial intelligence chips to China.

In Apple's last fiscal year, Greater China contributed approximately 19% of its total revenue. Wall Street is evidently concerned that deteriorating relations between Apple and China could jeopardize the company's revenue prospects in this critical market.

Simultaneously, Apple faces intensified competition from domestic Chinese companies. Although Huawei had faced setbacks due to U.S. sanctions, it has introduced a new phone featuring an in-house chip, reportedly capable of delivering 5G-comparable speeds. A BofA Securities analyst has cautioned that Huawei could reemerge as a formidable competitor.

Apple seeks to regain control of its narrative in the coming week with the anticipated launch of its new iPhone 15 family of devices. This launch will be closely watched as the company navigates the complexities of its relationship with China while striving to maintain its position in the global smartphone market.

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