Insights Into Action

Investors require access to real-time tools to make better decisions. As a leading independent research provider,
TradeAlgo keeps you connected from anywhere.

Upgrade Your Portfolio

Powering The Personal Wealth Movement.

Global Coverage

Real-time market data and analytics  solutions for individuals & institutions spanning the US, European Union, UK, Brazil & more.

Options Scanner

Real-time scanning of the entire options and equities universe. Powerful implied volatility analytical formulas of the Black-Scholes model.

Dark Market Tracker

Dark exchanges are designed for anonymity & trade large blocks of stocks away from the public eye. We uncover unusual activity.

A.i.  Radar

Ai radar allows searching for new trading ideas and narrowing the list of thousands of instruments to a few of the best.

Alert Service

Alert Service gives traders a competitive edge by instantly notifying them when significant market events occur.

Market Indicators

Indicators help investors with investment decisions using real-time streaming of both algorithmic and custom indicators.


Working with exchanges, we transform lives around the world through the power of data.

We are a global analytics leader on a mission to make trading simple. Cut through the chaos and complexity with real time data on events affecting global markets.




Unique indicators


Events daily

30+ years

Historical data

Tracking millions of instruments

A vast 30+ years of historical data for the US market updated in real-time.


Accurate, fast, Reliable and built on proven technologies.

Institutional quality data sourced from more than 250 leading data providers and exchanges.


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