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Our Mission
Trade Algo identifies Dark Market Activity (DMA) by analyzing various data points of large orders as they hit the tape, including the order type, size, speed of the order, the pattern and volume, among many other indicators.
Our Role
In our community, we will help you master the three pillars of trading: technology, strategy & psychology. Don’t chase trades, make the market come to you with our cutting edge algorithms, signals and indicators.
We believe markets are complex enough that you should not have to question your data or platform independence. Trade Algo aims to be your single source of truth providing intelligence from the most accurate sources and strictly avoiding any form of conflict.




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We build the highest quality software that empowers investors to take control of their financial destiny.

Perhaps the single most significant development of financial markets in the new millennium has been the unfair growth of non-transparent “dark exchanges,” short sellers, and high frequency trading by institutions.

In this context, Trade Algo recognizes our customers' existential need to utilize software to generate competitive advantage — or, alpha returns. We've advanced beyond incremental efficiencies to bring intelligence to the core of everything that matters most to your trading.

We believe algorithms that offer insight are no longer just a luxury for institutions, but a source of truth for every investor.

In the ever-changing market, those who are able to leverage real-time insights and software will be dominant.

Generate Alpha

The Top Eight Incredible Stock Market Statistics & Facts
There are 19 stock exchanges in the world with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion. In 2021 stock markets in the US accounted for nearly 56 percent of world stocks.
According to the most recent available data, there were about 59 registered Alternative Trading Systems (a.k.a.: "Dark  Exchanges ") with the US as of May 2021.
Middle-class households have lost more than half of household equity holdings since 1989. The top 0.1% wealthiest US citizens’ equity holdings rose about 5% in the same period.
Stock market crash statistics pulled from historical data show a drop of 10-20% generally takes four months of recovery, while a 20-40% decline takes approximately 15 months.
Bull markets have, on average, lasted for about 4.5 years each. The current US bull market is ten years old and counting.
Retail traders represent more than 25% of total US options trading activity. Around 39M options contracts have traded daily on average this year, rising 35% from 2020 and the highest level ever- Alphacution Research Conservatory.
More than 80% of the stock market is now automated.
A system of computers makes high-speed online trading decisions using advanced mathematical models, creating a market that focuses more on short-term movements.
Approximately half of the US stock market is traded in secret on Dark Exchanges. As revealed at the European Parliament ECON Committee. Dark Exchanges (ATS) are Dominating the Financial World

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