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Cutting edge technology Best in class market tools

We build products and offer services that connect people to the investing information and tools they need.
Dark Market
Trade Algo identifies Dark Market Activity (DMA) by analyzing various data points of large orders as they hit the tape, including the order type, size, speed of the order, the pattern and volume, among many other indicators.
Option Greeks
View the flow of unusual options like never before. Follow the smart money by watching large and unusual trades as they are made. Our options flow uncovers complex trades that are difficult to find anywhere else.
Ai Scanner
Options Scanner is a powerful algo that enables real-time scanning of the entire options and equities universe using a wide variety of indicators. Scanner solves the question of how to find the right investment instruments and how to get real-time trading triggers.
Breaking News
With more than 250 data connections in most countries, Trade Algo’s coverage of companies, markets, economies, politics and governments ensures that you get the information you need when you need it most.
Unbeatable Coverage
With 2 million + instruments encompassing the entireuniverse of US and Europeanoptions and equities we process over 50 billion + events aggregated daily.
Market Signals
Signals give traders an edge by instantly notifying them when significant market events occur. Harness our powerful proprietary scripting language and set up a signal for a desired instrument using many pre-defined indicators.

Analyze the market with precision

Our proprietary advanced algorithms in big data and machine learning allow us to structure the market based on models — Trade smarter with intuitive visualization and analysis tools strong enough for enterprises and simple enough for retail.

Track unusual options flow like never before possible

Explore how algorithmic insights can assist you with making smarter, more efficient trading decisions. New and advanced methods allow us to analyze unusual options activity in order to improve trade timing and bring the market to you.

Identify better trade setups in less time with Ai Scanner

Take advantage of our cloud-based algorithms to generate your perfect trading setup again and again. Our powerful platform enables real-time scanning of over 50 billion event driven data points aggregated daily.

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