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Meet Our Team of Analysts

Brian Mitchell

Brian is a thoroughbred trader who started his career trading in the crypto space. After both bull runs in 2017 and 2021 he jumped into options for stock and began dominating that space as well. As seasoned as they come, Brian is conservative and stresses risk management to stay profitable no matter how hard or easy a market we are in. A passionate educator for technical analysis and as patient as they come to wait for the big home runs
Areas of Focus: Straight Calls / Puts / Day Trading / Scalping Options

Brian Bronco Anderson

Since 2018, Bronco has been the Chief Trading Officer of Jade Bronco LLC’s hedge fund. Specializing in hedging, leveraging and income producing strategies across options derived from indices, ETP’s and equities, Bronco brings experience consisting of over 4,300 trades to benefit your quest for success.

Bronco’s passion for investing drove him to become a Registered Representative with the world’s largest independent fund management organization where he traded every imaginable strategy applied to stocks, options, mutual funds, and bonds. His observations, personal experiences and comprehensions as a professional in the markets are at the heart of his successes.

Bronco has also created and delivered countless web-based and paper-bound learning modules for diverse high-profile Investment Education companies. Subjects range in comprehension from elementary and intermediate, to the highest in sophistication. Throughout the duration, he has coached thousands of clients from every walk of life. By virtue of this and his desire to help others, he has created a uniquely vibrant approach to educating eager learners with the most efficient methods possible for the most profitable investment methods. This is only available from TradeAlgo.

Areas of Focus: Multi-leg Option Combinations / Singles

Dane Glisek

Hi all! My name is Dane Glisek and I am one of the Analysts here at Trade Algo. One could describe my trading style as very process oriented with a healthy mix of short term and longer term trades. My focus is very much on the psychology of trading and my goal is to help everyone master the process and psychology behind trading; I’ve learned that the gains/growth inevitably follow that.

I intentionally trade with a smaller account to make it easier for new members that might also be newer to trading to follow along while also being able to thoroughly explain my process. As far as my background in the markets go: I got my start in capital markets working for Wells Fargo and working my way up to the Private Bank! During my time there I was exposed to how some institutions operate in the markets and how they manage to appear like they are always one step ahead. I’ve been able to combine that institutional knowledge with deep platform understanding and incorporate that into the way I analyze setups, but also in the trades I take.

Areas of Focus: Day Trading / Option Flows / Supply & Demand

Devin Crandall

Devin Crandall started trading stocks out of High School. He began his professional career by working at Sony Electronics as a financial procurement analyst and became a full time professional daytrader by the age of 30. Devin has had a keen obsession with numbers and statistics since a young age. Now working as an Analyst for Trade Algo, Devin has developed a passion for helping others invest, grow and prepare for retirement.

Areas of Focus: Day Trading / Option Selling / Speculation / Hedging

Eric Armenteros

After starting at Citigroup's sales and trading division as an intern, Eric Armenteros has built a reputation as an investment banking star at Empire Investments and Truist Bank. He advised restructuring and turnaround deals at Conway MacKenize (which was later acquired by Riverson). He was a financial advisor to Synovus Bank, Fiscal Authority of Puerto Rico, and the University of Puerto Rico. In his spare time, Mr. Armenteros enjoys teaching others how to succeed in trading equity options.

Areas of Focus: Intraday Directional Calls & Puts / Debit Spreads

Marcus McConneli

Marcus McConnell loves empowering others to achieve financial success as the Founder and CEO of Limitless Trading & Consulting and Limitless Trading Academy. His dedication lies in educating people, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, in the art of consistently profitable trading and investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency. Notably, Marcus is not just a leader but an active practitioner in these fields, trading stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. His mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their income goals, whether they seek supplemental or full-time earnings.

Marcus generously shares his expertise through free webinars and a diverse range of in-person courses. These offerings cover topics including Introduction to Trade Like the Pros, Master Trading Class, Options Flow, Introduction to Cryptocurrency, a weekly Stock and Options Study Group, and a new Financial Foundation course. Beyond his role as an educator, Marcus is a charismatic public speaker who has been featured at prominent events and organizations, including Constellation Energy, Allstate, Vonage, Power 52, ITSMF’s Executive Academies and Symposium 2022, the Black Wealth Summit, and Real Talk with Dr. David Anderson. His mission is to make finance accessible and profitable for everyone, evident in his dynamic speaking engagements and educational programs.

Before transitioning to full-time trading, Marcus held the position of Vice President of Technology at Nielsen, a global data analytics leader. During his 17-year tenure, he led various significant technical divisions, including Digital, Brand Effects, Advertising Intelligence, and Entertainment Portfolios. Marcus actively contributed to diversity initiatives, serving on Nielsen's executive Diversity Council and mentoring through Nielsen's Diversity Leadership Network Academy. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Gracism Global, a non-profit promoting diversity and healing divisions. Marcus continues to engage in the technology field and supports charitable initiatives, showcasing his commitment to excellence and community impact beyond trading.

Areas of Focus: Advanced Option Strategies and methodologies for both swing and day trading / Technique incorporation such as debit/credit spreads, diagonals & calendar / Option flow whilst leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance trading precision

Roman Radenski

Trading is a game of probabilities, not a game of certainties... and MrConfluence, is exactly all about putting the edge and the odds in your favor.From the name itself, you probably can guess... Roman Radenski, is all about Confluence! In trading, confluence is very important, as it's like seeing "all the stars are aligned in the proper order"... That's how you truly find an "A+" setup that can increase the odds of your trading plan setup, working out in your favor as expected.

Roman finds his success by being heavily oriented towards confluence in his technical analysis, and he is a short-term Swinger at heart, loves the higher time-frames... With that being said, he will scalp and day trade as well wherever the opportunity may present itself. Mr Confluence enjoys teaching his ways and mentoring options traders of all levels. Once you master "confluence", it becomes like a 2nd nature.

Areas of Focus: Daily, 4hr & 1hr time-frames analysis for Directional Calls / Puts for Short-Term Swings

Ross Santos

Ross Santos's trading track record is one of the best on Wall Street. His tradealerts had delivered a 92% win-rate since Sept. 28th, 2022. Ross's expertiselies in studying the supply and demand from institutions through optionsorder flow and using technical analysis to select high-probability tradesetups.

Areas of Focus:  Day Trading / Technical Analysis on major indexes / Trading the "Magnificent 7" (Equities which consist of $META, $AAPL, $AMZN, $GOOGL, etc.), Dark Pool Activities & Option Flows following the big institutional trades

Shane Simone

Shane has cultivated a mastery level understanding of the platform, and love to share his various tips and tricks. Notably, his expertise also extends to advanced options trading strategies, equipping him to navigate and thrive in any market condition.

Beyond the numbers, Shane's primary goal is to share his passion for trading and ensure every TradeAlgo client finds success. With a commitment to humility and a genuine desire to empower others, Shane brings both proficiency and approachability to the TradeAlgo community.

Area of focus: Day trading, momentum swing trading, dark pool print analysis, advanced option strategies for premium collecting and lowered risk trading

Santi Bocanegra

In his brief stint as a Financial Analyst, it did not take Santi long to realize he had a great aptitude for understanding and implementing complex analyses. Shortly afterwards, he learned that his skill set was extraordinarily applicable to monitoring and being impactful in the financial markets. It was pretty straight forward, the market does not go straight up or straight down, rather a constant zig-zag if you will. It is like a puzzle and he caught on fast, it is a constant change of hands, with patterns reoccurring.

Accompanying that with understanding investor sentiment and psychology, Santi was able to demonstrate excellent and proven analytical skills focused on exploiting the markets, while utilizing a combination of Supply and Demand, Volatility, and Elliott Wave Theory.

Now Santi is guided by curiosity and sharing what he has learned along the way; he sees himself as a Daytrader whose mission is to make investing exciting and simple by helping struggling traders become profitable. He prefers shorter termed trades, concentrating on day trading and shorter term swings.