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After First-quarter Earnings Beat Expectations, Goldman Sachs' Stock Jumps 3.7%

April 15, 2024
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Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s shares surged by 4.9% on Monday following the bank's release of first-quarter earnings that exceeded expectations. The strong performance was attributed to a resurgence in investment banking activities, driven by improved deal flow, and continued growth in managing assets for affluent clients.

The New York-based bank reported net income of $3.93 billion, or $11.58 per share, for the quarter, marking a significant increase from $3.09 billion, or $8.79 per share, in the same period last year. Revenue also saw a notable rise to $14.213 billion from $12.224 billion a year ago, surpassing the FactSet consensus of earnings per share of $8.73 and revenue of $12.40 billion.

During the earnings call, Chief Executive David Solomon attributed the strong quarter to strategic actions taken in the previous year to refocus Goldman's operations and emphasize core strengths. These efforts included realigning the bank's businesses into three main units: Global Banking & Markets, Asset & Wealth Management, and Platform Solutions.

Solomon noted that despite operating in a complex environment, Goldman Sachs is witnessing the initial stages of capital markets reopening. He highlighted the positive reception of several large initial public offerings (IPOs) globally as an indicator of growing risk appetite. Additionally, favorable conditions for debt issuance and refinancing, particularly in high-yield and institutional loan markets, contributed to a positive environment.

In terms of revenue breakdown, investment banking revenue surged by 32% to $2.085 billion, driven by increased activity in debt underwriting, leveraged finance, and advisory fees due to a rise in M&A transactions. Global Banking and Markets reported revenue of $9.73 billion, propelled by strength in investment banking, fixed income, currencies, commodities, and equities.

Fixed Income, Currency, and Commodities (FICC) revenue increased by 10% to $4.32 billion, primarily due to higher revenues in FICC financing, driven by mortgages and structured lending. Equities revenue also rose by 10% to $3.31 billion, driven by increased revenues in derivatives and equities financing.

Asset and Wealth Management revenue saw an 18% increase to $3.79 billion, primarily driven by higher private banking and lending revenue. Investment management revenue rose to $2.491 billion, while commissions and fees slightly decreased to $1.077 billion, and market-making revenue increased to $5.992 billion.

The bank reported a provision for credit losses of $318 million, compared to a net benefit of $171 million in the same quarter last year. This change was primarily due to provisions related to the credit card portfolio and wholesale loans, as well as adjustments following the sale of the consumer lending business.

Goldman Sachs began scaling back its consumer lending activities in 2023 after recognizing significant losses, particularly in its overall consumer business. In the first quarter of 2024, the bank completed the sale of its specialty lender GreenSky, resulting in a net loss of $99 million for the Platform Solutions business.

Overall, Goldman Sachs' stock has gained 1% year-to-date, while the S&P 500 has seen a 7.4% increase during the same period.

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