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Chaos in Wake of US Storm, Resulting in Power Outages and Flight Delays

The winter storm that has hit much of the US and Canada is still causing flight delays and keeping many holiday travelers off the roads. It has also knocked out power to millions of people, just as temperatures are plummeting.

December 24, 2022
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The winter storm that has hit much of the US and Canada is still causing flight delays and keeping many holiday travelers off the roads. It has also knocked out power to millions of people, just as temperatures are plummeting.

As of 8 a.m. Saturday, FlightAware showed over 2,800 delays or cancellations within, into or out of the US. Some of the worst-affected airports were in Boston, Detroit, and the New York area.

The storm is centered over western Quebec, keeping conditions in the US Northeast windy, said Marty Rausch, a meteorologist with the Weather Prediction Center. It will begin to lift out Sunday into Monday, at which point the central and eastern parts of the country will begin to warm up.

The National Weather Service has said that the storm currently sweeping across the US is bringing "brutal cold" rather than heavy snow. Many areas will see temperatures 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit below normal on Saturday.

The NWS has issued a warning for the upcoming Arctic blast, saying that cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills could create a potentially life-threatening hazard for travelers that become stranded, individuals that work outside, livestock and domestic pets.

More than 1.4 million homes and businesses were affected by power outages, spanning more than 25 states from Maine to Texas.

PJM, an electric grid that serves Illinois and New Jersey, has issued a rare system-wide emergency and is asking customers to reduce their power usage as a winter storm sends power demand soaring. Duke Energy has urged customers in the Carolinas to reduce their power usage for the next 24 hours.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has ordered rolling blackouts to cope with overwhelming demand as millions of people turn up heaters amid the cold. The authority provides electricity to several states and is struggling to meet the increased demand.

The Eastern US power grid has ordered power cuts amid a system-wide emergency. This is due to the extremely cold weather that is gripping the region.

This storm is packing plenty of snow and frigid temperatures, and is notable for its size and speed. Snow, blizzard, freezes and flood warnings and advisories have been issued for central and eastern US, its northern fringe and the Deep South, as well as into Canada. Its speedy march across the continent is causing violent temperature swings. New York City was 55F (13C) at dawn, but by 10 p.m., it’s forecast to be around 10.

More than 200 million Americans are facing winter weather warnings and advisories as heavy snow is set to blanket the Great Lakes region and parts of northern New York and New England. Bitter cold temperatures are also expected in the coming days.

The storm continues to intensify as it sweeps east, and is now classified as a "bomb cyclone." This is when the storm's central pressure rapidly plummets. The storm is now centered over southwestern Ontario in Canada. Canadians are dealing with their own travel woes and power outages due to the severe weather, including cancelled flights in the country's busiest airports. The primary storm is expected to reach Quebec later on Saturday.

The storm has caused significant disruptions at FedEx Express hubs in Memphis and Indianapolis, which could delay holiday packages from arriving by Christmas, the shipping company said in a statement.

The storm brought coastal flooding up to 3 feet along Long Island in New York State, while ice and high winds closed roads in and around Buffalo as well as the city’s airport. Governor Kathy Hochul deployed 54 National Guard troops to Erie County in the state’s northwest.

New Yorkers are facing a potentially deadly winter storm, with record-low temperatures and coastal flooding statewide. Snow and ice are especially severe in western and northern New York. Governor Hochul is urging everyone to take precautions and stay safe.

As winter weather approaches, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has left town for a vacation in the Caribbean. This has caused some controversy, as many people feel that the mayor should be staying in the city to help prepare for the impending snow and ice. However, de Blasio has said that he has full confidence in the city's ability to handle the winter weather.

A freeze in Texas has halted 36% of the state's oil-refining capacity, according to the latest data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The affected areas include the Gulf Coast, where most of the state's refining capacity is located. The shutdown of refineries has led to a sharp increase in gasoline prices across the state.

Atmos Energy is urging Texans to curb their natural gas usage amid a spike in demand. The company says that high temperatures and an increased demand for natural gas have led to a tight supply of the commodity. As a result, Atmos is asking customers to voluntarily reduce their gas usage. The company says that customers can take measures such as turning off their natural gas water heaters and using fans instead of air conditioners to help conserve gas.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has ended its storm-driven rolling outages. This comes after days of severe weather in the region.

Airlines are struggling to cope with the disruption caused by the winter storm that is sweeping across the country from New York to Seattle. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled and many more are facing delays. passengers are being advised to check the status of their flights before travelling to the airport.

Around 300,000 to 350,000 barrels of oil per day are being shut in due to extreme cold weather in North Dakota. This is according to a statement from the North Dakota Petroleum Council.

Texas power prices have soared as a result of the recent cold weather. Demand on the grid has reached a record high, causing prices to spike. This has been a problem for many Texans who are struggling to pay their bills.

FedEx has announced that some packages shipped over the holiday weekend could be delayed. The company is asking customers to check the status of their shipments before contacting customer service.

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