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Chevron to Acquire Hess for $53 Billion in Latest Oil Megadeal

October 23, 2023
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Chevron Corp. has made a significant move in the energy sector by agreeing to acquire Hess Corp. for a staggering $53 billion. This monumental deal is primarily designed to bolster production growth and underlines the U.S. oil industry's continued belief in the lasting viability of fossil fuels.

The transaction takes the form of an all-stock deal, with Chevron offering $171 per share for Hess, representing a premium of approximately 10% over the 20-day average stock price. Under the terms of the agreement, shareholders of Hess will receive 1.025 shares of Chevron for each share of Hess they hold, resulting in an overall enterprise value of $60 billion, including any existing debt.

One of the standout aspects of this acquisition is the strategic significance it holds for Chevron in Guyana, the South American nation that has rapidly emerged as one of the world's newest oil producers. This move is expected to facilitate accelerated production growth and deliver more attractive returns to investors, according to the joint statement issued by the companies.

Peter McNally, an analyst at Third Bridge Group, emphasized the importance of the Guyana assets, stating, "The prize here is Guyana, and it’s only gotten bigger." This statement underscores the significant potential that Guyana offers in terms of oil reserves and exploration, especially considering that oil was first discovered in the country less than a decade ago.

In response to the news of this acquisition, Chevron's stock experienced a 2.3% drop when regular trading commenced in New York, while Hess's stock saw a 0.7% increase.

This monumental deal marks the second major transaction in the U.S. oil industry in a matter of weeks. Exxon Mobil Corp. recently announced its agreement to acquire shale-oil producer Pioneer Natural Resources Co. for an impressive $58 billion, reinforcing the belief that oil and gas will continue to play a central role in the global energy landscape for decades to come.

The acquisition of Hess further solidifies the dominant position of U.S. energy majors on the international oil and gas stage. Despite the fact that their European counterparts have regained some favor among investors by pivoting their focus back toward fossil fuels, particularly following the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Exxon and Chevron continue to command significantly higher valuations.

Mike Wirth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron, expressed the company's strategic stance in the statement, saying, "This combination positions Chevron to strengthen our long-term performance and further enhance our advantaged portfolio by adding world-class assets."

Compared to many of the newer shale-focused independent oil companies, Hess has a rich and storied history. It was established in 1933 by Leon Hess, who began with a single fuel-delivery truck and gradually expanded to a fleet of vehicles and an oil terminal in New Jersey. The company achieved several milestones over the years, including purchasing its first oil tanker in 1948, building an oil refinery in 1957, and opening the first of its iconic green and white gas stations in 1960, a sight familiar across the U.S. Northeast. By the time Leon Hess retired in 1995, he had transformed the company into a multinational entity with assets in regions like the North Sea, Alaska, and the Caribbean.

One of the most prominent aspects of this acquisition is Chevron's newfound ownership of 30% of more than 11 billion barrels-equivalent of recoverable resources in Guyana. This positions the company as a major player in one of the world's newest and most promising oil-producing regions. Additionally, the deal provides Chevron with new acreage in the Gulf of Mexico and the Bakken, a smaller U.S. shale basin compared to the Permian, which has already reached peak production.

The deal is expected to significantly elevate Chevron's projected five-year production and free cash flow growth rates, extending these improvements into the next decade. Furthermore, the acquisition is anticipated to result in increased returns for investors, as Chevron plans to recommend an 8% rise in its first-quarter dividend in January, along with an additional $2.5 billion in share buybacks upon the deal's closure.

The transaction has received unanimous approval from the boards of both Chevron and Hess and is slated to close during the first half of 2024, subject to the customary approval processes, including the agreement of Hess shareholders and regulatory clearance.

Leading the financial advisory efforts for Chevron are Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC and Evercore, while Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC and JP Morgan Securities LLC are taking the lead for Hess. This acquisition signifies a significant step in Chevron's strategic evolution, underscoring its commitment to expanding its footprint in key regions and strengthening its position as a global energy leader.

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