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If OpenAI Takes 'useful Steps', Italy Will Allow ChatGPT to Return

April 18, 2023
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Pasquale Stanzione, the authority's chief, told the Milan Mercato that, if its maker OpenAI takes "useful steps" in order to address the agency's concerns, the authority is prepared to allow the ChatGPT chatbot to return at the end of April, according to a Tuesday interview published by Trade Algo.

The watchdog temporarily restricted the company's processing of personal data and started an investigation into a suspected violation of privacy rules in late March, resulting in ChatGPT being taken offline.

Despite a lack of interest from OpenAI over the last few weeks, Stanzione told Corriere della Sera that they are ready to take action on April 30 if it is willing. I think the company is willing and I am convinced it will, so let's wait and see," Stanzione said.

In order to provide reassurances to the data protection authority led by Stanzione, a list of demands was set out last week in which the body demanded that OpenAI meet its demands by April 30.

A number of western European nations have taken action against ChatGPT, but it was Italy that was the first to restrict the practice, but its rapid development has drawn the attention of legislators and regulators around the globe.

A number of European lawmakers on Monday called for the world's leaders to hold a summit to determine which ways to control the development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems such as ChatGPT, and said they were rapidly developing at a faster pace than they was anticipated.

Stanzione said Italy adopted a unilateral policy of banning ChatGPT because it was necessary to take immediate action in this matter.

As a consequence, it would have been necessary to wait at least three or four months after the EU decision in order to proceed with the process.

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