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Morgan Health Invests $25 Million In Kindbody, Expanding Access To Fertility And Family-Building Services

May 1, 2023
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Morgan Health is a business subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM).enhancing the quality, equality, and affordability of employer-sponsored health insurance

Kindbody, a prominent fertility company, has announced a $25 million investment.

Employers can benefit from a clinic network as well as a global provider of family-building perks.providing complete reproductive care from conception to birth From postpartum to menopause. Cheryl Pegus, Managing Director at Morgan Health Ventures will join the Board of Directors of Kindbody.

Kindbody's concept is unique in that it is the only one that provides family-building advantages. Employers that own and run fertility clinics can use this service.

Employers save 25%-30% by contracting directly for full services. They provide both virtual and in-person care to their employees. As the primary caregiver, Kindbody is ideally positioned to reduce costs and enhance patient outcomes.

Better health results come from experience.

According to a new World Health Organization research, one in every six adults infertility affects people all around the world. "Affordability of high-quality fertility care" is necessary for good health and well-being, and Kindbody's model helps patients. at one of the most crucial points in their life," Morgan Health CEO Dan Mendelson stated. "By coordinating and managing patients' health needs via

Kindbody is driving a paradigm change in healthcare through its clinics and virtual assistance. With employer-sponsored health insurance, millions of Americans may receive fertility treatment."

Kindbody, which was founded in late 2018, provides reproductive benefits to 112 women. 2.4 million lives are covered by major employers. Customers of the business Walmart, Medtronic, Lyft, and GEICO are among the companies that cover practically every sector.

Kindbody treats patients through 32 flagship clinics and hundreds of partner clinics in the U.S. Kindbody's clinically administered program includes complete reproductive health spectrum, including both female and male fertility, which includes fertility exams and education, preservation, genetic testing, in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor and recipient identification, Surrogacy, adoption, and a full range of reproductive options are available. Physical, mental, and emotional assistance are all part of care.

"The obstacles associated with fertility make starting or growing a family difficult." Millions of Americans are finding it challenging. Kindness' purpose is to create a new

fertility experience and advantages with their own health care professionals.

"Their focus on improving access and health outcomes helps alleviate many of the long-standing equity challenges that employers and employees face," Dr. Pegus added. "I am excited to join the Kindbody Board and collaborate with the leadership team to meet the health needs of the community." Kindbody supports the communities."

"In healthcare, just three factors matter: cost, experience, and outcomes, and only Kindbody, as a caregiver, can influence change in all three." remarked Gina Bartasi, Kindbody's Founder and Chairwoman. "Our collaboration with Morgan Health will fuel Kindbody's continued growth by allowing us to expand into geographies where the need for high-quality fertility care is greatest, allowing more people to access the essential care they need to become parents."

I've been following JPMorgan Chase and the Morgan Health team since their beginnings, and I'm thrilled to have them on our cap table, as well as Cheryl's experience in the Boardroom."

Morgan Health's investment in Kindbody follows its previous investment in Vera Whole Health, as well as later investments in Castlight Health, Embold Health, Centivo, LetsGetChecked, and Kaiser Permanente research cooperation. Morgan Health will continue to invest in and assist in the scaling of firms focused on promoting better accountability in the US health system, with the objective of expanding these solutions to the more than 150 million Americans who have employer-sponsored health insurance.

About Morgan Health

Morgan Health is a JPMorgan Chase business segment focusing on health and wellness. Health insurance provided by an employer. Morgan Health is seeking to enhance the quality, equality, and affordability of employer-sponsored health care for JPMorgan Chase workers, their families, and the U.S. health system via investments and the growth of responsible care. Dan Mendelson, CEO of Morgan Health, leads the company and reports to Peter Scher, Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and a member of the firm's Operating Committee. Morgan Health is based in Washington, D.C. For more information, go to www.morganhealth.com.

About Kindbody

Kindbody is a network of reproductive clinics and family-building services powered by technology. Employer benefits provider that provides both virtual and in-person care. Kindbody is the preferred fertility benefits provider for 112 of the nation's largest companies, providing coverage for over 2.4 million people died. Thousands more people receive fertility treatment straight from Kindbody at signature clinics and mobile pharmacies around the nation clinics, as well as partner clinics. As a supplier of fertility services, technology.

Kindbody is a platform for and direct delivery of high-quality service. a fluid, integrated experience that provides greater health results at a cheaper cost, Increasing the affordability and accessibility of fertility treatment for everybody.  Kindbody has received $315 million in investment from a group of renowned investors that includes Perceptive Advisors, Morgan Health, GV (previously Google Ventures), RRE Ventures, Claritas Health Ventures, Rock Springs Capital, NFP Ventures, Whatif Ventures, and TQ Ventures. Visit kindbody.com for additional information, and connect with us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

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