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Nvidia Adds $220 Billion as Winning Streak Matches Record

November 14, 2023
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Nvidia Corp. shares are on an impressive streak, advancing for the tenth consecutive session and poised for their longest winning streak since the record-setting surge in December 2016. The world's most valuable chipmaker, based in Santa Clara, California, has seen a remarkable climb of approximately 22% during this latest rally, translating to an addition of about $220 billion in market value. This surge is occurring as competitors strive to devise alternatives to challenge Nvidia's dominance in artificial intelligence (AI).

In the midst of this ongoing rally, the stock has surged by about 240% this year, making it the top-performing component on both the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 indexes. The impetus behind this remarkable performance is the AI-driven frenzy that has fueled significant rallies in technology stocks. The recent surge in Nvidia's stock aligns with a broader rebound in technology stocks, driven by optimism that Federal Reserve interest rates may have reached their peak.

Nvidia's announcement of updates to its artificial intelligence processors, particularly the introduction of the H200 chip, has contributed to the sustained momentum in its stock. The H200 chip is set to incorporate high-bandwidth memory, known as HBM3e, enhancing its capability to handle extensive datasets crucial for AI development and implementation.

Wolfe Research analyst Chris Caso noted in a recent analysis that Nvidia's decision to refresh its datacenter GPUs, including the introduction of the H200, demonstrates the company's commitment to accelerating its product cadence. This strategic move is seen as a response to the growth in the AI market and the evolving performance requirements, further strengthening Nvidia's competitive advantage.

The existing version of Nvidia's processor, recognized as an AI accelerator, is already in high demand, and the introduction of the H200 is expected to fortify the company's position. Analyst Kunjan Sobhani highlighted the significance of Nvidia's accelerated product-launch pace, stating that the H200, set to be launched in mid-2024, is likely to defend the company's market position. The new AI processor, equipped with high-bandwidth memory, is anticipated to become the top-performing GPU in the market, setting a higher standard for the competition.

Nvidia faced some challenges last month when new U.S. regulations prohibited the sale of its cutting-edge AI chips to China. However, the company is scheduled to report its earnings on November 21, and the recent positive developments in the AI processor segment may contribute to its overall financial outlook.

In conclusion, Nvidia's remarkable stock performance reflects its leadership in the AI sector, amplified by strategic product updates. The sustained rally underscores the company's ability to adapt to market dynamics and maintain a competitive edge. As Nvidia continues to innovate in the AI space, its upcoming earnings report will likely be closely watched for further insights into its growth trajectory.

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Managing Editor
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Adan Harris
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