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One of Wall Street's Biggest Bulls Believes U.S. Stocks Can Climb Much Higher in 2024 Than Originally Predicted

January 31, 2024
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In a surprising turn, Tom Lee, the chief strategist at Fundstrat and a prominent figure on Wall Street, is reconsidering his earlier projections for the upward potential of stocks in 2024. Lee, known for his bullish outlook, is indicating to clients that his initial year-end target for the S&P 500, set at 5,200, might have been too conservative. The impetus for this reassessment stems from the unexpected surge in the index during the month of January.

Amidst a week teeming with influential market events such as pivotal economic data releases, corporate earnings reports, and the eagerly awaited Federal Reserve press conference coupled with an interest-rate decision, Lee contends that the paramount metric for gauging market trajectory will be the closing value of the S&P 500 on the last trading day of January. He posits that unless a drastic downturn occurs, wiping out the index's commendable 3.25% gain for January up to that point, historical patterns suggest the potential for double-digit gains over the entire year.

Drawing upon a historical perspective spanning 74 years, Lee points out a significant correlation. When the S&P 500 experienced a 15% upswing in the preceding year, a scenario witnessed 28 times, and January manifested positive returns, occurring 13 times, the ensuing median full-year return averaged 16%.

Furthermore, an impressive 92% of instances with these conditions resulted in positive returns for the entire year, with 2018 being the lone exception. Lee attributes the anomaly of 2018 to the Federal Reserve's automatic tightening of monetary policy during that period, a circumstance conspicuously absent in the current financial landscape.

Lee emphasizes that if the January barometer proves accurate, the potential upside to the S&P 500's target could extend to 5,500 or even beyond. Such an outcome would signify a remarkable 11% plus increase from the S&P 500's concluding value on Tuesday, standing at 4924.97.

However, this optimistic outlook encountered a hiccup on Wednesday as U.S. stocks experienced a downturn. The S&P 500 dropped by 0.6% to 4897 shortly after the market opened, while the Nasdaq Composite exhibited a 1.1% decline at 15,339. On a positive note, the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded higher, showing a gain of 0.2% or 77 points, reaching 38,541.

In this dynamic and nuanced market environment, where various economic factors and geopolitical events continually shape investor sentiment, Tom Lee's reconsideration of his projections underscores the ever-changing nature of financial landscapes and the importance of adapting analyses to real-time developments. As investors eagerly await further cues, the remainder of the year will likely unfold with heightened attention to whether the historical patterns identified by Lee will indeed play out in determining the market's trajectory for 2024.

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