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Porsche's Stock Climbs as the Luxury Brand Touts Its Dividend Hikes and New Models

March 12, 2024
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Porsche Automobil Holding SE experienced an upswing in its stock value on Tuesday, propelled by the German luxury carmaker's announcement of a challenging forecast for 2024 coupled with the declaration of a dividend.

The esteemed German sports car manufacturer, P911, reported a noteworthy surge in annual sales, with a 7.7% increase to €40.5 billion. Additionally, the operating profit witnessed a gain of 7.6%, reaching €7.3 billion, surpassing the Visible Alpha consensus of €40.29 billion and €7.23 billion, respectively.

Despite these positive financial indicators, Porsche issued a cautionary note, anticipating a decline in operating return on sales to a range of 15% to 17% in 2024. This projection contrasts with the 18% return observed in 2023.

The decline in operating return on sales is attributed, in part, to Porsche's ambitious plans for numerous car launches in the coming year. Among the highly anticipated releases are the Panamera, Macan, Taycan, and 911 models. Oliver Blume, the Chairman of the Executive Board, emphasized that 2024 would be a "year of product launches," surpassing anything the company has undertaken in the past.

Blume expressed optimism about the impact of these new releases, stating, "We will be introducing a variety of exhilarating sports cars to the road, they will delight our customers around the world."

In 2023, Porsche achieved a total of 320,221 auto deliveries, marking a 3.3% increase over the previous year. However, despite these positive developments, Porsche acknowledged the challenges ahead and provided a cautious outlook for the future.

In response to these revelations, Porsche's shares experienced a 4% surge on Tuesday. However, some analysts expressed reservations about the company's lower guidance.

Citi analysts, led by Harald Hendrikse, highlighted concerns over increased new model launch costs, higher depreciation charges, and the impact of a weaker global economy. They stated, "We see the guide as leading to ~5% consensus downgrades, after previous downgrades in December," and assigned a neutral rating to the automaker.

Hendrikse and his team suggested that Porsche's transformation would take time, emphasizing the need for a renewed product range. They acknowledged that the ongoing renewal process was underway but cautioned that the full impact on pricing and profitability would require time, given the lower starting point. Anticipating a more favorable outlook for the fiscal year 2025 with all products available, they noted that the earnings per share for the same period might be lower.

In conclusion, while there might be potential buying opportunities later in fiscal year 2024, the analysts speculated that many investors would likely await improved sales and earnings momentum before making significant moves. The journey ahead for Porsche involves navigating the challenges of new model launches, evolving market dynamics, and a global economic landscape, all of which will shape the trajectory of the company's performance in the coming years.

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Associate Editor
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Editorial Board
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Cathy Hills
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