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The Stock Price of Klaviyo Jumps Almost 23% Above Its Ipo Price

September 21, 2023
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Investors welcomed Klaviyo Inc.'s inaugural appearance on Wall Street this Wednesday, displaying enthusiasm for the digital marketing software-as-a-service company. Klaviyo's stock commenced trading at a remarkable 22.5% above its initial public offering price, following the favorable receptions of two other notable IPOs in the preceding week.

Klaviyo's stock, traded under the ticker symbol KVYO (+2.32%), saw a modest retracement, concluding Wednesday's trading session with a 9.2% gain, reaching a closing price of $32.25 per share. Subsequently, the stock experienced a minor dip of approximately 1% during the extended trading session.

The stock's initial trade on the New York Stock Exchange transpired at $36.75 at 12:44 p.m. Eastern time, involving 1.9 million shares. With 251.86 million Class A and Class B shares in circulation post-IPO, this inaugural trading activity implies a market capitalization for Klaviyo of approximately $9.26 billion.

This IPO event unfolds against the backdrop of previous concerns that economic conditions had stagnated the IPO market throughout the previous year. Klaviyo's public debut serves as a valuable barometer for investors to gauge the state of marketing budgets within businesses, particularly in the aftermath of reduced digital advertising expenditures. Moreover, it offers insight into an industry striving to help online retailers precisely target customers amid heightened privacy concerns, stricter regulatory measures, and an influx of consumer data, much of which is their own, alongside the issue of spam.

Amanda Whalen, Klaviyo's Chief Financial Officer, remarked, "Every marketer, if they could, would want to be able to reach out to each and every person individually and speak to them like they know them—treat everyone like we're having a conversation right here, right now." However, she acknowledged the inherent challenges in achieving this level of personalization due to data fragmentation and complexity.

Whalen revealed that Klaviyo, which achieved profitability during the first half of this year, chose to go public now due to its confidence in the overall health of its business. Notably, in recent IPOs, Instacart, officially known as Maplebear Inc., saw its shares open 40% above the IPO price before settling for a 12.3% first-day gain, while semiconductor-design firm Arm Holdings PLC experienced a 10% opening premium, eventually closing up 24.7%.

Alex Wellins, Co-Founder of the Blueshirt Group, an advisory and investor relations firm specializing in IPOs, suggested that Klaviyo's debut might have a more significant impact in shaping the landscape for tech companies contemplating their own public offerings. He noted, "Klaviyo, arguably, is more of a typical software company that has grown primarily organically, and it fits a more normal software and SaaS profile," referring to software-as-a-service platforms. Wellins further emphasized that the reception of Klaviyo's IPO could serve as a valuable precedent for other software and SaaS businesses contemplating a similar path to going public.

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