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To compete with Microsoft and Google, Musk wants to build his own ChatGPT AI

April 18, 2023
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During an interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday, Elon Musk confirmed that he is working on plans to create a counter-attack to artificial intelligence phenom ChatGPT. Musk expressed his ambitions to create a "third option" in the relationship between Alphabet Inc.'s Google and Alphabet Ltd.'s OpenAI in the AI race between Microsoft Corp. and OpenAI.

Having been the CEO of Tesla Inc. and owner of Twitter, the CEO confirmed he intends to join the AI race that has been sparked by OpenAI's intelligent chatbot. Musk told us that he was going to "create a third option" in order to compete with Microsoft and Google, who are both the heavyweights of the industry right now. Musk did not give any additional details about the advanced artificial intelligence he aims to develop.

X.AI was formed by Musk in the state of Nevada in March. According to the state filings, Musk formed the company. A six-month pause in the development and training of advanced artificial intelligence models was also called for by hundreds of tech luminaries in an open letter signed by him and hundreds of other tech luminaries the same month. There have been many instances in the past where Musk has taken issue with other AI companies, including OpenAI, in which he has played a prominent role.

Parmy Olson asks Elon Musk whether it is too late to pause AI by saying that it is too late.

In a recent interview, Musk said that he had merged Twitter with X Corporation and urged listeners to stay tuned for more information about this new AI company, which could be part of his plans to build an all-encompassing app called X. In his interview, Musk also confirmed an earlier report about a slash in the value of Twitter since he took over last year.

The Information reported that Musk took Twitter private in a $44 billion deal, and that he has recently offered new stock grants to employees valued at $20 billion. Musk took Twitter private in a $44 billion deal, and The Information recently reported that he has offered new shares to employees valued at $20 billion.

It was also during Monday's interview that Musk expressed his concern about OpenAI's position as a nonprofit, as well as its transition away from being a nonprofit operation, and the level of control and influence Microsoft has over it.

The CEO of an AI company he founded also said that he was worried about chatbots becoming too political correct, and emphasized the importance of focusing on truth and finding out the nature of the universe in the process.

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