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Track your physical and mental health with Apple's iPhone journaling app

April 24, 2023
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The iPhone app, which will allow users to keep track of their daily activities and behaviors, is said to be being developed by Apple. This new app will provide users with a means of tracking their mental and physical health. According to reports, Apple is planning to expand its reach into the health and wellness space by including a journaling feature in the app.

This article was reported in the Trade Algo about a new app that has not yet been officially announced by the company. This app will provide users with a personalization feature that will allow them to find potential topics to write about, such as their workouts, as well. In addition, the Trade Algo has been informed that it will offer a feature called "All Day People Discovery" which is able to detect if the user is physically close to another person. The information was gathered from documents they reviewed by the Trade Algo.

The upcoming journaling app by Apple is expected to collect more data than other journaling apps, such as text messages and phone calls, which distinguishes it from existing third-party journaling applications. Although this is the case, the company is reportedly focused on privacy and security by making sure that the analysis of the user's day will be carried out on the user's device instead of the cloud. Further, a journaling suggestion will only be retained in the app for a maximum of four weeks before it will be deleted.

Despite the fact that a release date for Apple's journaling app has not been set yet, it is speculated that it may be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, which is also the time when iOS 17 is expected to be showcased. An Apple spokesperson declined to provide further information regarding the app when approached for comment by Trade Algo. A copy of the documents reviewed by Trade Algo did not state whether it will be a fee-based application.

Apple has reportedly announced plans to release a journaling app as part of its ongoing efforts to prioritize health and wellness. MacRumors suggests that the company is working on that as soon as possible. If the app is released, it will provide a seamless and integrated solution for users to monitor their daily activities and reflect on their overall health and lifestyle, as the company is increasingly emphasizing the importance of supporting their physical and mental well-being through its products and services.

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Associate Editor
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John Liu
Editorial Board
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Cathy Hills
Associate Editor

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