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TSMC Plans to Invest Up to $100 Million in Arm's IPO

September 13, 2023
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has unveiled plans to make a substantial investment of up to US$100 million in Arm Holdings' impending initial public offering (IPO). This decision was formally approved by TSMC's board during a dedicated meeting held on Tuesday.

Arm Holdings, in collaboration with its underwriters, is preparing to set the IPO price on Wednesday, concluding an extensive week-long roadshow aimed at attracting potential investors. The American depositary shares of Arm are poised to commence trading on the Nasdaq exchange on Thursday. Notably, the British semiconductor designer is aspiring to attain a valuation of no less than US$52 billion.

SoftBank Group, the owner of Arm since 2016, intends to divest 95.5 million shares, representing approximately 10% of the chip designer's total equity. It is worth mentioning that SoftBank anticipates retaining ownership of the remaining shares.

Several of Arm's prominent clients, including Nvidia, Samsung Electronics, and Apple, have signaled their support for the company by committing to purchase shares as part of the IPO.

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Bryan Curtis
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